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Learn how to configure and make hourly desk booking reservations

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Overview of Hourly Desk Booking

Maximize flexibility at your office with Hourly Desk Booking. This feature allows users to make a desk reservation for exactly the hours they need them and free up the space for others when they don’t. Freed-up desks can then be booked by other employees.

Using this feature, admins can get a better understanding of their desk utilization and employees can better represent their in-office status to their teams.

How to Configure Hourly Desk Booking

This feature is available to all Desk Booking users, regardless of subscription level.

Super Admins & Desk Booking Admins can manage hourly desk booking settings by going to Settings > Desk Booking. Admins have access to the following settings:

  1. Enable Hourly Desk Booking: toggle the hourly desk booking feature on or off

  2. Require Check In: indicate if your team requires a check in for hourly and/or all day desk reservations and when those desks are automatically released

Limitations of Hourly Desk Booking

It is important to note that you can only have one active hourly reservation per day. Multiple reservations can be made only if previous reservations are completed, i.e. it has been checked out of or canceled.

Recurring hourly reservations are not supported at this time.

How to Create an Hourly Desk Reservation on the Dashboard

To make an hourly reservation on the dashboard, navigate to My Reservations:

  1. Click on the Desk button at the top of the page or Browse Floor Plan

  2. Uncheck the All Day checkbox

  3. Scroll to set your desired time slot to see the available desks for that time

  4. Pick the desk you would like to reserve

  5. Click Reserve Desk

Admins can also make hourly desk reservations on behalf of other employees by toggling between users in the top right corner.

On the Mobile App

To make an hourly reservation on mobile select Reserve a Desk on the home page or go to the Floor Plan tab:

  1. Update your Eden mobile app to the latest version (v. 1.8.0 on iOS and v. 1.9.0 on Android) to access this feature

  2. Choose the calendar date

  3. Toggle off the All Day button

  4. Scroll to set your desired time slot

  5. Select Find a Desk to view available desks

  6. Pick the desk you would like to reserve

  7. Tap Reserve Desk

Viewing Hourly Reservations

There are a number of locations on the dashboard where you can track your reservations. It should be noted that checking in/out will override the times of the original hourly reservation. Your hourly reservations can be seen on the home page under Today’s Agenda:

And on the My Reservations page:

Admins can see all hourly reservations on the All Reservations page:

And on the Reservation History page:

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