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Location Based Check In and Automatic Sign-in
Location Based Check In and Automatic Sign-in

Learn how to enable location-based check in and automatic sign in for your team

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Using geolocation technology, companies can require employees to be on-site before they are able to check in. Employees can also take advantage of auto check in, which detects when an employee is within 100m of the workspace and updates their status automatically.

How to Turn on This Feature

Super Admins and Visitor Management/Team Safety Admins can manage Location Based Check In settings by:

  1. Going to Settings > Visitor Management & Team Safety > Configurations

  2. Selecting the configuration that applies to the location that they are trying to edit

  3. Toggling the features on/off under the Reservations tab

Alternatively, they can:

  1. Going to Settings > Locations

  2. Selecting the location to be edited

  3. Going to Visitors & Team Safety > Visitor & Employee Registration Setting > Configuration > View Settings

  4. Toggling the features on/off under the Reservations tab

By enabling On-Site Check In, employees can only check in with the mobile app and must be on site to check in.

Automatic Location Based Check In is automatically enabled if the individual user grants the Eden app permission to “Always” allow location access. Once location access is permitted, this feature will automatically check employees in via the mobile app when they are within 100m of the workspace.

Requirements of Location Based Check In

Employees will be unable to check in unless they have downloaded the latest version of the Eden Mobile App (iOS and Android).

Location permissions are required. To do this employees must:

  • Set location access to “Always” on iOS or “Allow all the time” on Android

    • Please note that automatic check ins will not work if they select “While using the app”

  • If they are not prompted to enable location sharing, they can manually configure these settings on their phone

Employees are still required to register to come into the office via a Drop-In Reservation or a Desk Reservation. They must also complete all pre-registration requirements before auto check in will work.

Admin Permissions

Admins can see whether employees have the mobile app downloaded and location services turned on by going to Settings > Manage Users > *Employee Name*

Admins can override the location based check in requirement by checking in employees manually on the All Reservations page.

They can also see how a user has been checked in (by an admin, via the mobile app etc.) by clicking into the details of the reservation from the All Reservations page.

Geofencing not working? Try these tips:

Ensure Cellular Data is on so that your phone is not relying on Wi-Fi to identify your location.

Avoid using 'Power Saving Mode' while trying to utilize this feature. The location recognition will be a lot less consistent while Power Saving Mode is turned on (as it will automatically lower your location accuracy).

Some Android device manufacturers introduce unique applications and settings to the Android operating system on their devices. These settings include things like Low Data Mode, Battery Saver, Adaptive Battery, Battery Optimizer. These should all be off for the Eden Workplace application.

Check for any third-party apps that could be limiting the Ring app’s functionality, such as VPNs or task killers.

Note: Eden respects your privacy and will never store your location. For more info, please check out our privacy policy.

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