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Engagement Survey Notifications
Learn about Engagement Survey notifications
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The following article covers the notifications and messages included with Engagement Surveys.

Survey Is Open Notification

Upon publishing your survey, Eden will automatically send out a notification to the survey's participants letting them know the survey is open. This notification is sent at 9am local time based on the time zone and survey dates configured when setting up the survey:

Notifications will be sent via email and can be sent via Slack or Teams if you have installed those integrations (Settings > Integrations).

Below are examples of each notification using the default notification template. Note the 'survey is open' notification can be fully customized during the survey setup workflow.


Slack / Teams

Survey Welcome Message

When your survey participants start the survey they will be directed to a new page that includes a welcome message. This welcome message can be fully customized during the survey setup workflow.

The following is an example of the landing page with a custom message. Note that the completion date line of text cannot be removed or edited.

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