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Completing An Engagement Survey
Completing An Engagement Survey
Learn about how to take and submit an engagement survey
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After a survey is published, survey participants will receive a notification when the survey opens. This notification will be sent at 9am based on the timezone indicated during the survey creation process.

Clicking on the survey link will open a new tab in your browser to start the survey:

Survey responses will automatically save and survey participants can leave and return to the survey any time while the survey is open for responses.

While completing the survey, the participant will see all Themes associated with that survey. If there are too many themes or the survey participant’s screen is too small, Eden will automatically collapse the Themes and show one at a time.

Agreement Scale questions that allow for optional comments will display the comment option after an agreement response is selected.

Required questions will be marked with an asterisk. The participant cannot submit their survey if there are any unanswered, required questions. The participant can, however, navigate between Themes even if there are unanswered questions by clicking on the Theme in the top navigation bar.

Once a survey is submitted, the survey participant will be directed back to the Eden dashboard. Survey responses cannot be modified or reviewed after the survey is submitted.

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