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Overview of Engagement Surveys
Overview of Engagement Surveys
General information for getting started with Engagement Surveys
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Eden’s Engagement Surveys product enables teams to gather information on employee sentiment and take action to help with retention and generally employee happiness. Eden supports Likert scale / agreement scale questions and free text responses across both custom surveys and research-backed surveys and templates.

Core Engagement Survey Features

  • Customizable Surveys. Create custom surveys that match your team’s culture and communication style. Customize your notifications, establish confidentiality and anonymity thresholds, and indicate who should participate in your survey.

  • Research-Backed Survey Templates. Not sure where to get started with your engagement survey? Eden offers a set of questions that have been research-backed and vetted by PhDs in org psychology. Alternatively, survey admins can always edit the template survey or create their own questions from scratch.

  • Simple Survey Taking Experience for Employees. Streamlined survey taking experience helps ensure you get the highest levels of participation among your employees.

  • Advanced Analytics. Gather insights and create actionable next steps based on data from your surveys, including comparing results across departments and managers or across different surveys over time.

Getting Started with Engagement Surveys

Performance Reviews is a product in Eden’s People Success suite. Contact your Customer Success Manager or book a meeting with our team to get started!

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