There are two ways to install the APK file (the Eden Tablet app) to the tablet device. You can manually load the APK to the device either through ADB or a USB storage drive.

Load APK from a USB Storage Drive

  1. Download the APK file provided by Eden.

  2. Copy the file onto a USB drive and insert it into the IAdea device.

  3. From the Basic Settings, click "Advanced" to enter the screen below, then click on the lower right corner 3 times.

  4. Click the folder icon on the lower task bar.

  5. Find your USB drive device name and open it.

  6. Click the .apk file you are going to install and click ‘Install’

    • You may need to “enable” the unknown source if your APK is not yet signed with the IAdea platform key.

  7. Open the homescreen from the taskbar & click on the Eden app.

Load APK from ADB

  1. From the Basic Settings page, click on the Ethernet setting. It will bring you to the general Android setting page.

  2. Click on the menu icon.

  3. Scroll down to “About device” & click the “Build number” field 7 times. This will turn on “Developer options”

  4. Go back to Settings.

  5. Go to “Developer options”

  6. Scroll down and enable “USB debugging”

  7. For standard installation using following command:

    adb install -r {app name}.apk

    If your application requires privileged access, run the following commands:

    adb root
    adb remount
    adb shell mkdir /system/priv-app/{app installed folder}
    adb push {app name}.apk /system/priv-app/{app installed folder}/.
    adb reboot
  8. Open the homescreen from the taskbar & click on the Eden app.

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