Invite a Colleague allows users to invite their colleagues to make a Desk or Drop In reservation for a particular day. User’s can select a day, add their colleagues, add a personal note and send an invitation. Invitees will receive a notification that they’ve been invited and will be prompted to make a reservation.

Invite a Colleague is available on Mobile and the Eden Dashboard.

This feature is enabled by default, however Administrators can enable or disable this feature for the organization from Settings > Team Safety > Team Safety tab.

Inviting a Colleague

Users can invite colleagues from the following entry points:

  • Eden Dashboard:

    • Landing Page

    • My Reservations Page

    • Floor Plan, After Creating a Reservation from the

    • Invites Side Sheet

  • Eden Mobile App:

    • “Invite Colleagues” Tile from Header Bar on Landing Page

    • + Menu from Landing Page

After selecting “Invite Colleague”

  1. Select date for the invitation

  2. Add one or more colleagues

  3. Add a personal note (optional)

  4. Send Invite

Receiving an Invitation

By default, users will receive notifications via:

  • Mobile App

  • Slack

Users can update their notification settings under Settings > Notifications on their user profile.

Additionally, users will be able to see all upcoming invitations in Eden:

  • Eden Dashboard

    • Landing Page

    • My Reservations Page

    • Invites Side Sheet

  • Eden Mobile App

    • Landing Page

Upon clicking on an invitation, the user will be directed to a panel with invitation details. The user will have the option to:

  1. Reserve a Desk or Drop In Reservation, depending the organization’s subscription and settings

  2. Dismiss an Invite -- After dismissing an invite, you will be unable to “undismiss” that invite; but you will still be able to create a reservation from the dismissed invite.

Tips & Tricks:

  • If you have a reservation for that day you were invited, it will be noted on the invite card

  • The person that invited you will not be notified if you create a reservation or dismiss an invite

  • You will only be able to invite colleagues to locations that you have access to

  • You will only be able to invite colleagues with access to the desired location, user’s without access to the denoted invitation are noted as such

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