Assigning Peer Reviewers
Learn how Managers and Admins can assign Peer Reviews
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If you enable Peer Reviews as part of your Review Cycle, you will need to assign reviewees to your review participants. This can be done by the review participant’s manager or by an Administrator.

How Managers Assign Peer Reviews

Managers are limited to assigning peer reviews to their direct reports. However, managers can assign their direct report to write a peer review about anyone in the organization.

When a Manager accesses the Review Cycle, they will have a tab to Assign Peer Reviewers:

Depending on the Review Cycle settings, the manager will be limited to the number of Peer Reviews any one reviewer is required to write. This is to ensure one person is not overwhelmed with too many reviews:

Once Peer Reviews are assigned, the manager can make edits or remove a Peer Review as long as the review has not been submitted by the reviewee AND as long as the Assign Peer Reviews step is still open in the Review Cycle.

Admins Assign Peer Reviews

Admins have the option to assign peer reviews to all employees within the organization. Admins can assign Peer Reviews by navigating to the Cycle tab of an Active Review cycle. From the Cycle tab, the Admin is able to see the progress managers have made towards Assigning Peer Reviews:

Admins can also see details for any Peer Review assignments and make edits as necessary. Like managers, Admins are limited to the number of reviews that can be assigned to any one reviewer to prevent overwhelming someone with too many written reviews:

How Review Participants Write Peer Reviews

Once Peer Reviews are assigned, review participants will be notified when the Peer Review stage in the Review Cycle begins. Their assigned peers will be visible to the employee under the “Myself” tab within the Peer Reviews section:

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