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Create an org hierarchy for reviews and more
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Why Add an Org Hierarchy?

By adding a hierarchy, you will be able to unlock capabilities like performance review cycles and manager and team details on the Employee Directory. Additionally, in the coming months, we will be adding new features such as Employee Sentiment Surveys, Pulse Surveys, 1:1s, and more. An org hierarchy will enable your team to report based on Manager, Department, and more. Finally, by creating a team hierarchy you and your leaders have better access to insights related to specific teams and your entire organization.

How to Add an Org Hierarchy

To create an Org Hierarchy, take the following steps:

  1. Add Your Users. Upload your users to your organization, if you have not already done so. You can connect your users through a Directory Sync integration or by uploading your users via a CSV file by going to Settings > Manage Users > select the overflow menu > Upload Multiple New Users.

  2. Prepare Your Data File. To create a hierarchy, you will assign a manager to each employee using the manager’s email that is associated with an existing Eden user account.

    1. Access the data file by going to Settings > Manage Users > select the overflow menu > Update Multiple Existing Users

    2. Download the CSV template

    3. Add your managers’ emails to the “Manager Email” column. Below is an example of an example template.

  3. Upload Your Data File. In Eden, upload your completed data file to the same “Update Multiple Existing Users” screen to add your org hierarchy

Adding & Updating Managers via the Eden Employee Directory

Once your org hierarchy is created, you can edit it by repeating the steps above, or alternatively, you can manually update Managers in the Employee Directory. There are 2 options for editing the manager of an employee via the Employee Directory:

  1. Navigate to the Manage Users page > select the employee > in the overflow menu, select Manage User Directory Profile

  2. Navigate to the employee’s profile page via the Employee Directory > select the edit icon > update the profile manager and other details

Note: if you have a directory sync integration setup, some fields may not be editable as they are tied directly to your integrated directory.

Directory Sync Integrations

We know how important it is to streamline your data and to avoid entering data in multiple places. Today we automate Manager and Department data with Okta. Learn more about setting up your Directory integration here. If you are interested in automating these fields with a different directory, please reach out to [email protected].

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