A Review Cycle will automatically close if all reviews are submitted and shared with review participants. Alternatively, a Review Cycle can be closed by an Administrator.

Once a Review Cycle is closed, the action cannot be undone and reviewers will be unable to write any additional reviews for that cycle. Before closing a Review Cycle, make sure final reviews are shared with the review participant. Any unshared reviews will NOT be shared with the review participant once the cycle is closed.

There are two ways an Administrator can force close a Review Cycle:

  1. Navigate to Performance Reviews > Review Cycles. In the overflow menu of your active review, select “Close Cycle”

  2. Navigate to the Cycle tab of your Active Review Cycle. In the bottom left panel, you will see an option to Close Cycle

If your team needs more time or if you need to adjust the schedule, you can do so without closing the Review Cycle. To edit your review schedule, go to the Cycle Settings and select the edit option next to “Schedule.”

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