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Learn what changes you can make once your Review Cycle is live
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Once your review cycle is active, you are still able to track the review's progress and manage the settings from the Cycle tab. To edit the settings of an active Review Cycle, click on Review Cycles > select the Active review > Cycle > Settings.

From the Settings tab, you are able to edit the following in an active review:

  • Review Cycle Name

  • Review Cycle Timeline

  • Schedule Start & End Dates

Reviews can also be managed from the Review Cycles tab. This tab will show Active, Scheduled, and Draft reviews, as well as any progress made during an active review cycle. At this time you are unable to edit the Review Types or Review Participants once the review is Active, however Scheduled reviews can be reverted back to Draft mode, after which all steps in the review cycle and can be edited.

The progress bars are calculated as follows:

  • Peer Nomination: Count of all participants with at least one peer reviewee / total participant count

  • Write Reviews: Count of all submitted written views across all stages / total written reviews required

  • Share Results: Count of shared results / total participant count

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