Your Review Cycle includes the participants, types of reviews, and schedule for your Performance Review cycle. Multiple review cycles can be active at a given time and reviews can be setup for everyone in your organization or for select participants.

A Review Cycle can in one of the following stages:

  • Draft – Review Cycle has not been published. All settings are editable in this stage.

  • Active – Review Cycle has been published. The stages and participants of the Review Cycle cannot be edited, but the name, timezone, and schedule dates are editable.

  • Closed – All steps in the Review Cycle have been completed or an Administrator has forced closed the cycle. No additional edits can be made to the Review Cycle at this stage.

Creating a Review Cycle

To create a Review Cycle, navigate to Performance Reviews > Review Cycles > New Review Cycle. From there, follow the steps to create your Review Cycle:

Start the Setup

  • Review Cycle Name – must be a unique name

  • Review Cycle Timeline – the timeline under which Eden will set deadlines and send notifications to review participants

  • Review Participants

    • Company Wide – all employees with an Eden account will be reviewed

    • Select Employees – choose specific review participants. Participants can be individual team members, whole departments, or anything in between.

Select Review Types

There are 4 Review Types you can choose from when setting up your Review Cycle. A minimum of 1 Review Type is required to start a Review Cycle. When you select a Review Type, you will have the option to assign a Review Form to that step in your Review Cycle.

  • Peer Review – assign employees to review each other. Peer Reviews can be shared with the reviewee directly or Peer Reviews can be limited only to the reviewee's manager. If the Peer Review is shared directly with the reviewee, the review can be listed as fully visible or anonymous. Finally, Admins can restrict the number of peer reviews an employee is required to write to avoid overwhelming someone with too many reviews.

  • Self Review – review participant writes a review about themself

  • Review of Manager – the review participant writes a review about their manager. With this Review Type, the final results can be shared directly with the employee’s manager or the results can be shared anonymously with the employee’s manager.

  • Review of Direct Report – the Manager writes a review about a direct report.

Below is a complete view of each Review Type:

Set the Review Schedule

The final step is to create your review schedule. The options for this step will depend on the Review Types you enable in the previous step. If all Review Types are enabled, there will be 3 options:

  1. Peer Review Assignments – the dates during which a Manager or Admin assigns Peer Reviewers

  2. Written Reviews – the dates during which each Review Type is written by review participants. This date can be a single date range or can be customized per Review Type

  3. Share Reviews – the dates during which Managers and Admins are able to share reviews with direct reports and employees

Confirm and Publish

You will have the option to review your Review Cycle before publishing. If you’re not quite ready to go live, you can save the version as a draft, otherwise click Publish to get started with your Review Cycle!

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