A Review Form is a set of review questions or ratings used in your review cycle. It is recommended that you create a unique Review Form for each step in your Review Cycle, but this is not required.

Creating a Review Form

To create a Review Form, navigate to Performance Reviews > Review Forms > Create Form. Alternatively, you can create a review form while setting up your review cycle.

Your form will be in Draft mode until the “Mark as Ready” status is selected. Only forms designated as “Ready” can be used in a Review Cycle.

A form can be marked as "Ready" using the overflow menu:

Or it can be marked as "Ready" directly in the form editor:

When creating a new form, you have the option to select questions from the Question Bank or to create a question from scratch. Questions selected from the Question Bank can be modified as needed, including changing the question type between a rating question or a free-form text response.

There are three question types:

  1. Comment – free form text responses

  2. Rating Displayed as Number – numerical score that will be averaged at the end of the review cycle. In this case, the labels are optional. If labels are provided, the associated numerical score will be shown along with the label.

  3. Rating Displayed as Text – text scores will not be averaged at the end of the review cycle. In this case there is no numerical score.

All question types can also be marked as required or optional. You are able to add a Comment field to any Rating question. These comment fields can also be marked as required or optional.

In the example below both questions have an optional Comment in addition to the Rating. The first question is a Rating Displayed as Number and the second question is a Rating Displayed as Text:

When the final results are displayed, the data will be organized depending on the question type. The following show examples of each question type:

Rating Displayed as Text

Rating Displayed as Number

Rating Displayed as Number with Labels

Archiving Forms

You are able to archive your Question Forms if the form is not part of an active Review Cycle. An archived form will be available on the “Archived” tab and can also be unarchived. If a form is in use in an active review cycle, that form cannot be archived until the review cycle is closed.

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