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Overview of Performance Reviews
Overview of Performance Reviews
General information on getting started with Performance Reviews
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Eden’s Performance Review product enables teams to easily conduct and manage their internal employee review cycles. Eden supports 360 reviews, including the self reviews, peer reviews, reviews of managers, and reviews of direct reports.

Core Performance Review Features

  • 360 Review Cycles. Schedule custom review cycles to ensure your employees receive holistic feedback to support their long term professional growth

  • Custom Review Forms. Use our template review forms or customize your review forms to ensure your reviewers are sharing relevant feedback with each employee. Customize the types of questions in the review form including performance ratings or free text comment fields.

  • Set Schedules with Automatic Alerts. Keep your team on track with clear schedules that send automatic alerts to your employees as your review cycle process progresses.

  • Control Review Visibility. Set different review types as anonymous and control when results are shared with employees.

  • Manager Control. Give managers autonomy to manage their team’s progress on review cycle milestones, including assigning peer reviewers, tracking each employee’s progress on their review cycle requirements, and giving visibility into final results before sharing with their direct reports.

Getting Started with Performance Reviews

Performance Reviews is a product in Eden’s People Success suite. Contact your Customer Success Manager or book a meeting with our team to get started!

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