Location Management
Learn how to add/archive locations
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To manage your locations, go to Settings > Locations in your Eden Workplace dashboard.

Add New Location

  1. Click “+ Add Locations”

  2. Fill out the form

    1. Address: office physical address

    2. Display Name: office name on the dashboard that will be viewed by employees

    3. Users: add users who will have access to this location (including reserving a space, inviting visitors, etc.)

  3. Click “Save and Add”

Archive Location

  1. Click the three dots next to the desired location

  2. Click “Archive” > “Archive Location”.

    • Please note that this will deactivate all access to this location but if you choose to reactivate the location in the future, your historical data will be restored.

Reactivate Location

  1. Click “Archived” under Locations

  2. Click the refresh button next to the desired location

  3. Click “Reactivate” > “Reactivate Location”

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