Click here to learn more about the Eden Slack app, including features, permissions, and security requirements.

Installing the Slack Integration

  • Go to Settings > Integrations

  • Click “Add to Slack”

  • If you are an administrator on your Slack account, a pop will appear that says “Eden is requesting permission to access the [your company name] Slack workspace.”

    • If you are not an administrator, a notification will be sent to your team’s Slack administrator for approval before you can continue. Have your organization’s Slack administrator click “Allow”

  • A notification will appear in green at the top of your screen that says, “Linked Eden with Slack team!”

  • Open Slack and scroll to the Apps section. Click on the plus sign and search for Eden Workplace. Click on the Eden Icon to complete the installation

Slack Commands and Notifications

Eden supports both commands in the Eden app in addition to setting up channel notifications.

The following are commands you can send directly to the Eden App. You do not need to precede the command with “/eden” when sending directly to the Eden App.

Slack Command


Relevant Subscription

<title of your request>

Create a new ticket

Internal Ticketing


Invite a guest

Visitor Management


Create a desk or drop-in reservation

Desk Booking and/or Team Safety


Create a room reservation

Room Scheduling


List all commands available

All subscriptions

The following are commands Eden Admins can use to setup notifications in a designated Slack channel. To setup these notifications, go to the relevant Slack channel and enter the command. This command and setup process will be private to the user setting up the notification.


Slack Command

What it Does

Relevant Subscription

Ticket notifications

/eden setup

Sends a Slack notification to a channel for each ticket created

Internal Ticketing

New visitor or employee reservation notification

/eden setup invites

Sends a notification for each new reservation created for an employee or guest

Visitor Management and/or Team Safety

List of attendees notifications

/eden setup attendees

Sends a daily digest of all employees expected in the office the following day

Desk Booking

Eden also sends the following notifications to users directly in the Eden App. These notifications can be silenced in the Eden dashboard under Settings > Notifications.

  • Reminders for upcoming room, desk, or team safety reservations

  • Host notifications when a guest arrives

  • Updates to tickets including new comments, when a ticket is completed, and when a new ticket is created

Additional Notes & Comments

Some organizations require the Owner to approve the integration. If your integration is not working, please check with the Slack Owner.

To remove the notification for setup attendees:

  1. Submit the command: /eden setup attendees

  2. Select the location currently setup

  3. Click “Stop Notifications”

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